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Sun, May 28, 2023
J.H. Hull, Superintendent -- October 11, 1962

West high School represents two years of coordinated planning by a committee of high school principals, staff members and consultants working with the architect and the superintendent within board policy.

The people of Torrance are to be commended for providing the opportunity to do forward-looking school planning and supporting this kind of educational facility for the youth of Torrance.

As Torrance's thirty-seventh school and fourth high school, West High School shows the result of the experience the district has gained in school planning and construction over the past fifteen years.

Torrance can be proud of West High School as a facility that will do much to support the goals of the community in educating its youth as expressed by the policies of the Board of Education. It also will contribute to carrying out Thomas Jefferson's admonition, "Schools and the means to education shall be forever encourged."

Project Information - Chronology

Award of architectural contract - May 1958
Purchase of site - August 1959
Site development - July 1960
Award of construction contract - March 1961
Start of construction - April 1961
Acceptance by School District - August 1962
Start of instruction - September 1962

West High School Staff -- September 1962

Dr. Robert R. Ford - Principal
Mrs. Gretchen E. Smith - Assistant Principal, Instruction
Mr. Paul Hawkins - Assistant Principal, Pupil Personnel
Mr. Lawrence Regello - Student Activities Advisor
Miss Marianne Millard - Senior Counselor
Mr. Robert McKnight - Junior Counselor
Mrs. Betty Grebel - Sophomore Counselor
Mr. Howard Cole - Freshman Counselor
Miss Eileen Wainwright - Librarian
Mrs. Dorothy Lada - Nurse

Allison, Thomas - Faculty
Anglea, Kathleen - Faculty
Annis, Beverly H. - Faculty
Bawden, William D. - Faculty
Bosak, Beverly W. - Faculty
Brown, William - Faculty
Brunell, Virginia - Faculty
Chisholm, Catherine - Faculty
Cobb, Diann - Faculty
Daigle, Bertha - Faculty
Denny, Kay L. - Faculty
Deti, Larry - Faculty
Dougherty, Margaret - Faculty
Dufel, Robert - Faculty
Fenn, Donnelly M. - Faculty
Glover, Roland L. - Faculty
Goemer, Barbara - Faculty
Holtel, Robert L. - Faculty
Hopkins, Gustave - Faculty
Kline, Florence - Faculty
LaFleur, Carolyn A. - Faculty
Large, Ronald - Faculty
Leavitt, David - Faculty
Lee, Alex - Faculty
Lee, Nilane - Faculty
Lomas, Max - Faculty
Long, Jack E. - Faculty
Lowden, Merrill - Faculty
McMurray, Terence K. - Faculty
Neese, William H. - Faculty
Parton, William - Faculty
Peterson, Fred - Faculty
Plank, Arnold C. - Faculty
Pope, Robert D. - Faculty
Sheley, Patricia - Faculty
Schultz, Robert A. - Faculty
Sutherland, William T. - Faculty
Terrill, Ronald A. - Faculty
White, Forrest - Faculty
Williams, Carol - Faculty

Mrs. Ruth Bradley - Secretary
Mrs. Ella Button - Secretary
Mrs. Doris Hanny - Secretary
Mrs. Hazel Heavysege - Secretary
Miss Janice McNeil - Secretary
Mrs. Della Neal - Secretary
Mrs. Ruth Nitzen - Secretary
Mrs. Genevieve Ramirez - Secretary
Mrs. Elaine Wing - Secretary

Clyde R. Crowell - Custodian
Walthum L. Dawson - Custodian
Arden R. Edwards - Custodian
Chandler Herman - Custodian
John Matta - Custodian
Guy Mau - Custodian
Bernard Parisho - Custodian
Charles Rice - Custodian
Raymond Scharping - Custodian
Osmor O. Williamson - Custodian

Vera Nance - Cafeteria Staff
Rose Turbay - Cafeteria Staff